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Your ability to speak the English Language fluently will give you great advantage in your personal and professional life. You can learn the language and live in it at the same time by studying English in an English speaking country. You will be able to practice the language in your daily life by using the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing while learning about a foreign culture.

We offer to our students many language programs through carefully selected partners of schools, colleges and universities to suite the student academic and profession needs such as:

General English Language Courses: suitable for all levels to learn the English language skills for daily life.

Adults Vacation Courses: to learn English through short courses during vacations or during the summer.

Summer Courses for Youth: summer camps for young learners from ages 10 to 17. The course is a daily life comprehensive program that includes language learning, sport activities, and tours where the student will live with a local family.

Four Students to One Teacher Summer Camps for Youth: elite summer camps designed by Alfa, where a teacher will teach only four students in real life situations and different locations every day, with special attention on each student to improve his/her language skills by encouraging the student to practice the language in real situations in English speaking communities.

One to One Classes: where attention will be given to the student, concentrating on improving his/her language in a short period of time designed especially for busy professionals and executives.

Test Preparation Courses: to improve the student's skills preparing him/her to sit for TOEFL or IELTS and get good grades.

English for Academic Purposes: to improve the language of students who intend to further their academic studies.

English for Specific Purposes: profession related language courses for specific occupations like medicine, law and journalism.

Live & Study in a Teacher's HomeThe student will live at a teacher's home to get more attention to improve his/her language in a shorter time.

Students can also select the type of institutions where they prefer to study like Private Language Centres, Colleges or Universities.

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