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Why is it more beneficial for me to apply through Alfa?
  • We offer free consultations, there is no charge for our initial education counselling and consultation
  • We have offices that you can always contact at the country where you will be studying to take personal care of you and your application
  • We work directly with admission offices, to get you faster replies on your applications. Applying on-line by yourself might be easy but dosn't offer may options for follow-up nad might take weeks or months for reply
  • If you have a question or a concern, we are always a phone call or an e-mail away from you
  • We advise on visa application issues. Applying for study visa can sometimes be a challenge
  • We will help you to certify your documents, as required by your institution
  • Personal advice and matching of your study plan, courses, cost, etc. institutions' websites do not always answer all your questions
  • Accurate, honest and up to date services that suit your needs
  • Your local multilingual consultant will best understand your cultural and special needs
  • Your course fee will not be higher if you apply through us, your fees will be the same just like a direct application, we do sometimes have special discount for students applying through us
  • We can assist you in arranging your health, accommodation, travel and  transfer providing free pre-departure and post-arrival briefings when needed
  • Assistance with guardianship arrangement if you are under 18.


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